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A good sanitary napkin has four "features"

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Normally, the menopause of Chinese women is around 45-55 years old, and the average age of menopause is 49.5 years old. Girl's first wave usually occurs between the ages of 12 and 16.
If you start menstruating at the age of 14, you will go into menopause at the age of 50. For each month to a menstruation normal women, so women all my life to have menstruation, 444 times each cycle is about one week, the amount of daily use is about 4 to 5 piece of sanitary napkin, so guess women all my life to use about 15000 pieces of sanitary napkin.
Sanitary napkin, therefore, is very important for women, but now on the market of sanitary napkin is uneven, a lot of friends say it is difficult to choose the right, good sanitary napkin, want to know, if choose bad sanitary napkin, may cause gynecopathy.
How to judge a sanitary napkin is a good sanitary napkin?
Before choosing sanitary napkins, we first need to know what our physical condition is: whether there are any symptoms of swelling, rashes, itching and scorching in the private parts after or after menstruation. If so, you may have a gynecological problem, or it may be that the sanitary napkin you are using is not right for you.
A good sanitary napkin needs the following:
1. Sanitary napkins are highly absorbent
The sanitary napkin of the same specification, the more absorbent the better, and after absorbing water, the surface can still keep dry is the best.
2. Resorption of sanitary towels
The woman that oneself suffers from gynecological disease wants special attention, sanitary napkin is returned ooze a degree bigger, mean when use, illicit place humidity is bigger.
In menstrual period, private parts of humidity will allow you to secondary infection, so some women will feel vaginal itching after menstruation, according to the survey, most of the patients with inflammation of department of gynaecology because of using the market not breathable, antibacterial sanitary napkin.
3. High quality sanitary towels contain functional chips
A good sanitary napkin will contain some functional chips, such as a silver ion chip. Female constitution itself slants cold, silver ion is positive valence ion, attribute is Yang, have the effect of bacteriostatic sterilization, warm the palace, this is conducive to the regulation of the palace cold constitution of women.
The advantages of using functional chips are: promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing the amount of blood clots, avoiding inflammation in private areas, and avoiding the smell of blood stink. But many of the chips in the sanitary towels sold on the market are printed and dyed. If you doubt, you can wipe them with a wet paper towel to see if they will fade. If you lose color, you use industrial dyes.
4. The degree of water absorption depends on the transparent particles in the water absorption layer of the sanitary napkin
How to determine whether a sanitary napkin good water absorption factor and you can tear open the absorption layer of sanitary napkin, if there is to see a lot of transparent particles, the water absorption factor is finely, sparkling, for good and strong water imbibition, coarse, dark particles for defective goods.
Test method: the sanitary napkin in absorption polymer containing approximately 60 ml water cup, half a minute later, the whole buckle up the glass, if you have the water out, means less water imbibition, conversely absorption polymer absorbent degree is better.
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