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You know too little about lala pants! The popularity of new mothers.

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Lala pants are also known as training pants, and many mothers are strangers when they are recommended by the store. Why should they buy them when they feel like they have diaper or diapers? In fact, it is not only to prevent urine, but more to train the baby's athletic ability, completely release the baby's athletic nature. Lala pants in addition to prevent urinary function, but also has the function of the ordinary small pants is easy to wear and convenient activity, reduce the mother overworked, release the baby sports nature, let the baby learn easily walking, is no longer affected by diapers urine trousers fall off easily.
Lala pants is especially suitable for baby toddler, at the beginning of the baby learning to walk, bloated hypertrophy of diapers can severely affect the activity of the baby, and too tight and is likely to be torn thigh skin, then mom wear will choose lala pants as walk, because he elastic close-fitting, is like a baby the second layer of skin, does not affect the walking motion, can effectively avoid O leg.
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