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Fujian lionmay care products Co. Ltd. I wish the new and old customers happy new year!

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Fujian lionmay care products Co. Ltd. I wish the new and old customers happy new year! Everything will be fine! Happy family! Money and treasures will be plentiful! May you be happy and prosperous!
Fujian province lionmay care products Co. Ltd. was founded in March 2015, is a sales, innovation, service integration, large enterprise specialized in manufacturing of health care products.
The company specializes in selling high-grade sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers, baby paper diapers, adult diapers, adult paper diapers, adult nursing pads, wet wipes, paper towels and other nursing supplies, hygiene products and cosmetics.
The company is based on building brand, making sales as the core and service, based on technological innovation and service innovation as the core values of the company, and brings together a group of top technology talents in the industry to form high-quality, high-level management, R & D and sales team.
Sinno as a company with a strong sense of social responsibility of enterprises, and actively participate in social welfare in the creation of the brand at the same time, to serve the society. On 2015 to join the fund Chinese women's development will set up "on student entrepreneurship fund", used by female students, care of female college students and employment guidance and other public projects.
"Innovation, quality, integrity services, sincere cooperation and common development" is the pursuit of beauty, consistent from beginning to end customers and consumers, to provide high-quality, safe and healthy products is on the eternal principle.

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