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Tianjin Consumers Association issued "baby diapers consumer behavior report"

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Baby diapers with dry, health, convenience and other advantages, it has become today's families, especially urban families essential childcare articles. In the purchase of baby diapers, parents are most concerned about what factors? Buy and use time and encountered the problem? July 9, 2015, Tianjin Consumers Association and other 20 consumer rights jointly issued the "Consumer Behavior Survey baby diapers."
Higher brand loyalty out more at bedtime with
Now, instead of traditional baby diapers diapers become a major childcare articles. The survey results show that in many class compartment of urine childcare articles, the most popular is diaper respondents' choice was 48.77 percent, the choice to use baby diapers respondents, there are 36.33% of the respondents said they would use a fixed brand, the survey results showed that 42.25 percent of respondents imported brand is more trusted, that the domestic brands and imported brands have almost 36.53 percent of the respondents.
More rational consumption habits popular promotions
As consumables, buy baby diapers is a small fortune in the family child care expenses. In daily life, consumers tend to buy what file-priced products? The survey results showed that 31.84 percent of respondents preferred purchase price 2-2.24 per sheet products, 46.53 percent of consumers tend the purchase price of the product 1.5-2 yuan per piece, shows that consumers' buying habits are increasingly rational.
In addition to regular market price, the business of all kinds of promotional activities are also one of the factors consumers buy. The survey results showed that 62.65 percent of respondents like "discount", there is 44.49% of the respondents prefer "cash back" offer. This shows that the brand of the direct benefits of promotions to attract more consumers.
Information diversify the quality and safety concern
With the diversification of sources of information, and now consumers understand more and more rich diapers channels. The survey results showed that 50.82 percent of respondents diapers through the network to understand, in the first place. Consumer access to information regardless of how changes in the quality of all of its attention and care has always been a problem. In the "will focus on when you buy diapers consider what factors," the survey results, there are 73.27% of the respondents preferred the quality, we can see, and now consumers are concerned about the quality of products has been upgraded to an unprecedented height, which to some extent, to the security and integrity of production and operation of enterprises sounded the alarm.
Product features become rich parents value comfort
The survey results show that with the improvement of life quality of people's consumption needs are constantly changing, the parents of baby diapers function demands are not only limited to a simple urine absorption. In the urine of every other product functionality demands of the survey results, there are 61.22% of the respondents preferred "dry", "good ventilation" products, there are 54.49% of respondents chose the "lock high water", "soft and does not irritate "The product, which showed that in terms of functional demands of diapers, people pay more attention to the product wearer comfort.
In addition to the purchase, the parents give the baby to use diapers will inevitably encounter some problems. The survey results show that separated urine output represents encounter after encounter red ass phenomenon largest proportion of respondents, was 53.47%, followed by that the product is not enough dry, airtight, poor water absorption of the respondents.
Online shopping channels stunts
In today's rapidly changing consumption patterns, shopping malls, supermarkets are not the only channel for consumers to buy diapers. The survey results showed that 47.76% of respondents buy diapers by baby specialty stores, while up to 56.53% of the respondents choose online shopping. Among them, many respondents chose to Lynx, Taobao, Jingdong Mall to buy products.

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