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At present, two trends moving in sanitary supplies

Category:Industry news  Date:2015-07-29  Views:2723  [BACK]
1, sanitary products, including sanitary napkins and sanitary pads, covered by an outer layer material, an absorbent core and leak-proof bottom film composition. The main raw materials are woven or perforated film, fluff pulp or air-laid paper, polyethylene film, hot melt adhesive, release paper. Sanitary products from the product mix points, mainly divided into three layers: The first layer is the surface layer, the main material is non-woven fabric or perforated film, from the penetration and isolation; the second layer is absorbent layer, mainly by fluff pulp or wipes to complete absorption, in order to make the product better absorption capacity, and some products have added absorbent polymer resin, in order to improve the absorbent; the third layer is the bottom, predominantly polyethylene film, to prevent leakage the back is coated with hot melt adhesive, it serves as an anchor. Currently napkin market a wide range of standard models, logos variety, dizzying.
Champoux consulting industry analyst pointed out: Currently, sanitary napkins market is huge, but also to accelerate the annual growth rate of the sanitary napkin market has great potential to develop rapidly. China is now still a developing country, is relatively abundant labor resources and low production costs, abundant resources, and the world's major groups have been involved in China, we do not have to import raw materials, the same can get cheap products. As the foreign information design, software development and other open quickly after entering the country, so that we can in a relatively short period of time through other people walked the streets for decades, coupled with our existing business which has been largely successful restructuring of the sanitary napkin or are restructuring, have a good mechanism of competition, all of which lay a good foundation for the establishment of the international competitiveness of our industry.
China currently has 340 million women in the age group need to use sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins and because a relatively stable consumption of disposable items, there is no off-season sales peak seasons, selling cosmetics, nutrition and health care than larger, this market there is a vast space.
January to July 2014, total assets of sanitary napkins industry reached 8.66 billion yuan, an increase of 23.5%. 2013, China's sanitary industry production reached 98.8 million liters, an increase of 12.9%.
2014 monthly monitoring results of key national retail stores and supermarkets sanitary napkins market show that in May the sanitary napkin market sales of 8.934 million bags, sales of 62.761 million yuan, priced at 7.03 yuan; April sanitary napkins sales of 9.348 million package sales of 65.001 million yuan, priced at 6.95 yuan; May than in April sales fell 4.4%, down 414,000 bags, the unit price rose 0.08 yuan.
Domestic cities and economically developed areas, sanitary napkins market penetration substantially close to 100%, women personal hygiene market in terms of ultra-thin sanitary napkins and pads faster, there are three-dimensional guards, specialty Night, plus Wings Sanitary Napkin diversion layer, antibacterial and drug sanitary napkins, and other characteristics differentiated mesh products favored by consumers.

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