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Female college students employment and entrepreneurship Public Lecture Held in Beijing

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May 21, "Snow Mei Student Venture Fund" Starting Ceremony of female students employed in the undertaking Public Lecture held in Beijing. ACWF party members, secretary liability and China Women's Development Foundation and vice president, the Secretary-General Qin Guoying, Chairman and General Manager of Fujian Norminson care Chen Jianyi, deputy secretary general of China Household Paper Paper Association Professional Committee林茹 and other leaders attended the launching ceremony and jointly unveiled the Fund.
The launching ceremony, Fujian Norminson Care Products Limited is committed within ten years China Women's Development Foundation donations totaling 50 million yuan to support student Connaught US venture capital funds. ACWF party members, secretary of the liability and the United States to promise donation certificate issued by the company, and to the young actor Guan Xiaotong China Women's Development Foundation awarded the public service, Ambassador Certificate. Beijing Traffic Radio host Yang Yang presided over the launching ceremony.
China Women's Development Foundation, vice president, secretary 秦国英 at the launching ceremony, said: Under the employment situation is grim situation, the difficult problem of employment of female graduates has caused concern in the community to solve the difficult problem of employment of female graduates, to governments, schools and the community to work together. China Women's Development Foundation has as its mission to promote women's development, in support of Fujian Province Connaught Care Products Co. of the United States, the establishment of "Snow Mei Student Venture Fund." The fund over the next decade, an annual subsidy of 800 poor female college students on the basis of personal growth through incentives, in many ways the job training, case counseling, public auditorium, etc., to explore effective models help female students employment and entrepreneurship, to promote female talent contribute to a growing women's career development.
Ltd. chairman and general manager of Fujian Province Norminson care Chen Jianyi said the establishment of "Snow Mei student venture capital fund" is hoping to influence social and execution of public projects China Women's Development Foundation for graduate employment, entrepreneurship offers Platform and employment opportunities, but also contribute to China's public welfare undertakings.
Guan Xiaotong China Women's Development Foundation as a public service initiative of the ambassador, called on the whole society to eliminate gender discrimination, female students equal concern and jointly create employment, promote self-employment of female college students a good atmosphere. Start ceremony, "Snow Mei student venture capital fund" for the 80 poor female students from China Women's University co-pilot schools to provide a grant funding. After the meeting, "he smiles bloom" Students of boosting female employment and entrepreneurship development programs Public Lecture formal lecture, 350 college students to listen to the guidance and case studies for employment, entrepreneurship conducted by the National Senior LiuZhimin speaker, corporate trainer.
It is understood that, "Snow Mei Student Venture Fund" help female students develop a project plan to implement ten minutes, this year will be to carry out public activities in 25 universities Beijing, Anhui, Guangdong, Hunan, Henan, to create a support for the development of effective female students model for other provinces and gradually promote.
Fujian Norminson Care Products Co. was established in March 2015, it is a research and development, production, marketing, innovation, service integration, professional manufacturer of health care products of large enterprises. As a newly established enterprises, corporate culture shaping highlights the sense of social responsibility, do its utmost for undergraduate school fund and internet employment and entrepreneurship training and practice, the real welfare will be carried out, Connaught US charity for the development of enterprises will certainly inject a ray of colorful light, but also hope that more companies to join the public welfare caring.

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