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Why get out of overcapacity in China more stressed the more serious of the cycle

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Overcapacity in China appears to be entering the more stressed the more serious of the cycle. Since 2003, the first wave of regulation into the list of backward production capacity, from the original steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum three sectors, a significant jump from the current 19 sectors.
Throughout the Chinese government effort in the elimination of backward production capacity is quite substantial, the Ministry every year and Reform Commission are the following hair elimination decomposition target of backward production capacity, and each broken down into regions, enterprises, administrative and market-based instruments and use, both local governments support the matchmaker and the central government funds, but the result is not satisfactory.
In the current China reached a certain scale of investment projects still need Development and Reform Commission and other authorities for approval of the system, in theory investment industry development plan seems to be in control of the government, there should be such a serious overcapacity. But the reality is that the elimination of backward production capacity by mid-shout, and the industry is to be phased out more Amoy more.
Ultimately, mainly government departments stretched too long, too much control. Often used to judge the government to replace the judgment of the market, but also with such judgments to formulate regulations affecting business, and then use the power of government to intervene in companies to influence the market, the result can only be the elimination of overcapacity more serious.
In addition, "tight money," the local government to attract investment impulse, also aggravate the overcapacity major force behind this is reflected most vividly in the iron This event occurred in 2004, but it severely punished and did not let overcapacity in the steel industry overcapacity have improved. Faced with the task of adjusting the structure of the conventional Li Xinzheng perhaps worth learning place.
"In recent years China has increased its efforts to eliminate backward production capacity, but the rate of new capacity is far greater than the speed of backward production capacity, so we brought the overcapacity problem." Minister of Industry and Miao Wei said recently.
Ministry earlier this month announced the second batch of 2013 industries and eliminate backward production capacity list of enterprises, involving 67 companies across the country, out of all projects are low-end paper industry. In July this year announced the first 19 industries out of production capacity list of enterprises.
This 19 industries including: iron, steel, coke (, ferroalloy, calcium carbide, electrolytic aluminum, copper (including recycled copper) smelting, lead (including secondary lead) smelting, zinc (including zinc regeneration) smelting, cement (clinker and the mill), flat glass, paper, alcohol, monosodium glutamate, citric acid, leather, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, lead-acid battery (plates and assembly).
In fact, China is not just the traditional manufacturing excess capacity, including photovoltaic encouraged by government surplus strategic emerging industries. On the one hand a large number of industry overcapacity, on the other hand it is a list of Chinese companies on the list of companies on the Fortune 500 is not much.
When the "Made in China" products around the world, Chinese enterprises is big but not strong, when the current government emphasizes decentralization, industrial policy control by the idea of government-led economic management is also necessary to develop a good adjustment.
Overcapacity in the end is what standard?
Although China's current overcapacity aggravated economic volume in recent years, the huge increase has a direct relationship, but in China to the next heavy governance overcapacity when, perhaps we should clarify the judge what overcapacity criteria? Statistics released this by the Ministry Or industry Society is responsible?
Clearly, basic lack of data in China and many other areas are present, and the overcapacity of the data release has more from the official text, nothing less than the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry and other departments under the investment scale enterprise reporting and production number and the actual operating rates, etc. Analyzing the excess rate is very serious.
The trade surplus is also classified as determined by the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry and other, even before the bank lending also first determine whether the company overcapacity field, as well as their investment is encouraged or whether the restricted category.
This nanny parental control pies companies will obviously be tied hand and foot. As had no excess capacity, it is worthwhile to again expand investment, profit-maximizing entrepreneurs naturally clearer than officials, but also more dynamic. If everything is in order to market supply and demand as the regulation of the benchmark, how to overcapacity at all?
Recall that in 2009 China was introduced in response to the economic crisis, ten industrial revitalization plan, a lot of excess industry such as steel, shipbuilding etc impressively.
Examples of the steel industry is perhaps the most representative. Because policies encourage the development of high-end steel products, because of high-tech, value-added. Results steel prices have targeted high-end products, and the reality of the economic crisis but also makes high-end product demand, the ultimate high-end steel can sell a low-end price.
And a lot of the original face out of the low-end steel products, because of the government's four trillion investment becomes in short supply, the original of the phase-out of the production line is operating at full capacity.
In fact, for the government, just set a good threshold in terms of access to good relations industry, monitoring whether environmental standards, product quality is satisfactory, corporate compliance with the market order, the focus is to create "a fair and open justice," the social and business environment .
In addition, China lags behind industrial policy to be reviewed. Imagine a group of experts governmental organizations Association officials personnel, painstakingly worked out to what is to encourage the industry, which is to limit the industry, and from time to read draft policy needs to be finalized at least a year or two, When released until written outside environment may change dramatically, we have encouraged the industry may have been excessive, and restriction of trade may become encouraged the industry.
Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment in China recently was in March 2011 by the National Development and Reform Commission released is the Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment in 2005 were revised. Including the encouraged, restricted and out of class, the new energy sector which encouraged the class to include current predicament of being trapped wind and solar.

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