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Chinese Paper Strategic Situation Analysis and Development Strategies

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China's paper industry strategists, China Light Industry Information Center deputy GuoYongxin new year 2012 invitation by major companies and organizations, published more than a dozen important speech, profound analysis of the plight of China's paper industry is currently faced with a way out.
2012, China's paper industry suffered a serious increase in volume and profit minus a difficult situation. The first three quarters, the paperboard manufacturing industry production increased by 5.76%, output grew 8.88 percent year on year profit growth of -10.59%; value profit margin fell from nearly 6 percent in 2010 to the current 3.8%. Affected by difficulties paperboard industry in the low pulp prices, pulp manufacturing industry losses.
"High-day cold rolling anxious, slightly heating the earth blow." In the current difficult situation overall, some companies change from passive to active, pay close attention to upgrade and adopt new technologies, develop new products, some competitive enterprises contrarian, burst of vigor and vitality, to maintain a good momentum of development, to trade with to cozy warmth.
The paper industry is in crisis that is external, but also internal. External two main aspects, one the country's macroeconomic slowdown, industry downturn, as the paper industry and the national economy positively correlated been greatly affected; the second is the international industrial environment is grim, the United States, the EU anti-Chinese coated paper subsidies, anti-dumping, limiting the international market expansion of China's paper industry. Internal factors are part of the product over-development, resulting in excess capacity, particularly in 2011 with an annual capacity of coated paper focus on the release, the market pressure suddenly increased.
The current difficult situation in the paper industry is expected to last about three years. One reason for the global economy has yet to emerge from the recession; the second is the original IT new technology, plastic packaging, paper form of impact; the third is production capacity is explosive, while the market demand growth is gradual, needs a period of time in order to allow the natural growth of the market to absorb the production capacity growth.
China's paper industry is experiencing "growing pains", the current difficulties will be a watershed for enterprise development. "Good better and the bad worse," the Matthew Effect will emerge. As significant economies of scale paper industry, a number of small enterprises, especially small and backward heavily polluting enterprises will also be eliminated. Through this stage, Paper from growing into maturity, and then from a major industrial nation to industrial powerhouse across.
Facing the future, the paper industry by improving the level of opening to participate in international industry cycle, expanding exports slowing domestic market pressures; to use tianji racing game strategy, eliminate backward SMEs; reduce costs through the use of advanced technology and the development of revolutionary new products and discovery new profit sources and other measures to promote the healthy development of the paper industry.
Facing the complicated situation in the industry, paper-making enterprises to do the investment strategy analysis, especially under oligopoly market situation for the operational line policy research competitors. Qualified enterprises can build the forest and paper industry chain, eliminate systemic risk to get the maximum benefit.
The history of human industrial civilization, only a few hundred years, human beings have the text of civilization for thousands of years of recorded history, but there are tens of thousands of years of agricultural civilization and even longer, forest and paper industry is a truly lasting vitality, carrying human to civilization and happiness of the great cause. Coincided with the party's 18 put forward ecological civilization, beautiful occasion of China, and wished to seize the opportunity for change paper entrepreneurs, positive and innovative spirit, in the realization of corporate wealth at the same time, as the country built Paper powers to make greater contributions !

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