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"Chinese paper and paper products market research" shows Paper is undergoing re-shuffle

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In the past few decades, paper and production and consumption of paper products industry has been basically balanced, from the past, "Short Supply" evolved into a "basic balance model."
Recently, Frost & Sullivan (hereinafter referred to as Sullivan) latest research report "China paper and paper products market research" analysis, estimated that in 2018, domestic pulp market will increase from 2013 spending of 347.8 billion yuan to 3854 billion, the annual compound growth rate of 2.07 percent; paperboard spending by domestic market edged up to 494.1 billion yuan in 2013 of 486.1 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 0.33 percent; paper products, domestic consumption volume of 671 billion by 2013 to $ 740 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 1.98 percent. Overall, the next few years, China's paper and paper products market, slow growth, the boom of the industry as a whole is difficult to get warmer.
Overcapacity problems highlighted China's current market as a whole showed significant weakness, pulp, paper and paperboard market is facing two sub more prominent overcapacity. It found that, since the end of the end of 2011 to 2014, the pulp, paper and paperboard market two sub-total domestic market consumption decreased by 14.5% and 13.2%. The reason the one hand, macroeconomic growth slowed, consumer demand, declining domestic market; the other hand, over the past few years, producing paper and paper products industry can release, resulting in the current stage of saturation and excess capacity, the industry is fiercely competitive, Product prices continue to decline, corporate profit margins extremely narrow. The short-term capacity expansion and paper companies also will be decreased willingness. By the end of 2011 the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Forestry Administration jointly issued the "paper industry" second five "plan" clearly states that the production capacity of "total control" of the direction, at the same time called for continued strengthening of elimination the intensity of backward production capacity, to eliminate the pulp and paper production capacity of 10 million tons of backward goals. 2015 is the "second Five Year Plan" last year, paper and paper products industry is facing production capacity out of the task and the pressure will further increase.
Wang Xin, general manager of Global Sullivan Partner and Director, Greater China believes that the era of high-margin paper and paper products industry has become in the past, the industry is undergoing a re-shuffle, resolve excess production capacity in the industry is the most important current problems need to be resolved. For the health of large paper companies, it should be accurately positioned itself, the use of capital, technology and scale advantages, to achieve growth pattern is expected to gain new market share. At the same time, eliminate backward production capacity, coupled with complementary and alternative advanced production capacity, will bring fresh blood and power to the paper and paper products industry, improve industry concentration and create a good business cycle. Wang Xin said Sullivan, a long-term focus on the development and innovation of traditional industries, and to make recommendations for transformation of high energy consumption, high pollution of traditional industries; enterprises only through innovation, the creation of new business growth in order to achieve industrial upgrading. Sullivan to help business growth, innovation, to accelerate national economic transformation contribute to promote the sustainable growth of green GDP and national efforts.
In addition, the "industrial restructuring", "green energy", "integrated pulp and paper" and other hot words developmental tasks industry is paper and paper products manufacturing enterprises are facing, especially in the current economic slowdown in the background, Enterprises should flow, focusing on long-term stable development, prepare themselves a protracted war.
Leading obvious advantages, paper and paper products industry capital and technology intensive, significant economies of scale, however, the status of the industry is the large number of enterprises, small-scale and scattered. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of the third national economic census data show that as of the end of 2013 the number of national companies for paper and paper products 54 000, the national scale paper and paper products companies amount to 7213. Faced with increasingly fierce competition in the industry, leading enterprises are with massive financial strength, improve equipment and technology, rich product mix, improve product quality, to win the competition. For example, Chenming Paper that the grade and quality of the products is the key factor in the further development of enterprises, thus Chenming look for high-end paper products market prospects, with its strong strength of enterprises, the focus of research and development of high-end products, including high-grade copperplate paper, high-grade LWC, high-grade white linerboard, high-grade twisted pair production line, access to new profit growth point.
In addition to constantly optimize the product structure outside, most of the leading companies know how to seize the opportunity to upgrade the industrial chain, to further strengthen the industry leadership. Although the "paper industry" second five "plan" firm measures eliminate backward production capacity of rewriting even end the fate of many small paper-making enterprises, but for large-scale industrial enterprises to create a good market space. For example, since the "fifteen" plan since 2013, Huatai Paper has built a four-class modern newsprint line, out of the six straw pulp production line, while taking advantage of the situation today newsprint overcapacity, the two advanced newsprint production line transformed into high-grade cultural paper production line, and shutting down out of the plurality of backward culture paper production line, both to reduce the production cost and significantly reduce the generation and emission of pollutants, the consolidation of Huatai Paper "green pulp", "Green Paper "model of development.
Paper and paper products industry to the production stage, is a crucial period in the industry structure adjustment. Industry leading companies are often able to seize the opportunity, through innovation, upgrading product mix changes, improve the technological level, weaknesses, smooth through industry-specific period.

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