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A good sanitary napkin has four "features"

Normally, the menopause of Chinese women is around 45-55 years old, and the average age of menopause is 49.5 years old. Girl's first wave usually occurs between the ages of 12 and 16.If you start menstruating at the age of 14, you will go into men… [Detail]

You know too little about lala pants! The popularity of new mothers.

Lala pants are also known as training pants, and many mothers are strangers when they are recommended by the store. Why should they buy them when they feel like they have diaper or diapers? In fact, it is not only to prevent urine, but more to train … [Detail]

There are three little things about diapers.

1. What is the physical structure of the diapers? Will the baby be comfortable?In general, diapers are made up of three main parts: the surface coating, the absorption core and the bottom cloth. The surface layer clings to the baby's body, allow… [Detail]

Tianjin Consumers Association issued "baby diapers consumer behavior report"

Baby diapers with dry, health, convenience and other advantages, it has become today's families, especially urban families essential childcare articles. In the purchase of baby diapers, parents are most concerned about what factors? Buy and use t… [Detail]

At present, two trends moving in sanitary supplies

1, sanitary products, including sanitary napkins and sanitary pads, covered by an outer layer material, an absorbent core and leak-proof bottom film composition. The main raw materials are woven or perforated film, fluff pulp or air-laid paper, polyet… [Detail]

Why get out of overcapacity in China more stressed the more serious of the cycle

Overcapacity in China appears to be entering the more stressed the more serious of the cycle. Since 2003, the first wave of regulation into the list of backward production capacity, from the original steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum three sectors,… [Detail]

Analysis of China's paper industry challenges in sustainable development

In the development of China's paper industry, China's huge consumer tissue market in attracting large number of SMEs, but also to make the random forest felling, heavy use of water resources, pollution and other environmental problems have bec… [Detail]

Paper prices intractable dilemma how paper out of the quagmire?

In the big economic forms, paper can not be immune. Since the beginning of December 2010, the overall operation of the domestic paper industry in the boom of the downward trend. 2011 2 - 11 months, respectively light paper sentiment: 102.16,102.22,100… [Detail]

Chinese Paper Strategic Situation Analysis and Development Strategies

China's paper industry strategists, China Light Industry Information Center deputy GuoYongxin new year 2012 invitation by major companies and organizations, published more than a dozen important speech, profound analysis of the plight of … [Detail]

Diapers price war intensified worries buried high-growth foreign brands

Diapers, for baby, it is almost as important as the milk occupies market position. Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Kao and other multinational brands account for about two-thirds share of the Chinese diaper market to double-digit annual growth.B… [Detail]

"Chinese paper and paper products market research" shows Paper is undergoing re-shuffle

In the past few decades, paper and production and consumption of paper products industry has been basically balanced, from the past, "Short Supply" evolved into a "basic balance model."Recently, Frost & Sullivan (hereinafter re… [Detail]
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