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Chen Jianyi
Founder, Chairman and Managing Director
2006 Exhibition outgoing CCB Quanzhou City branch president, co-founder of bird's, as Managing Director.
2015 Chen Jianyi choose to re-start, set up in Fujian Norminson Care Products Limited.

Chen Zhenbing
Co-founder, Deputy Managing Director
2001-2006 worked Hengan Group, engaged in sales management.
2006 bird's joined, as a marketing executive with overall responsibility for bird's product marketing management.
2014-2015 served as Group Executive Vice billion of the total.

Wu Wentao

Co-founder and head of research and development of quality control
1996-2006 worked Hengan Group, responsible for quality management.
2006 joined bird's, is responsible for product quality control.

Long Yan

Co-founder and General Manager's Office responsible
He graduated from Huaqiao University, has worked TPV, Germany by general, responsible for procurement.
2011 joined bird's, Manager's Office responsible for the procurement and work.

Wangxian Dong
Co-founder, sanitary napkins Division Director
2001-2014 worked Hengan Group, Paper Frog Prince, as director of marketing. He has extensive experience in sales and team management.

Liu Jianping
Co-founder, diapers Division Director
Has 10 years of experience in sales of large enterprises hygiene, 2004-2008 engaged in Bright Dairy sales, in 2008 joined Tiansheng Group, from 2011 to 2014 in Anhui Province, bird's overall responsibility for sales.

Wang Huan
Co-founder and brand leader
Master of Journalism Department, Jilin University, has 10 years of brand management experience.

Zhang Enci
Co-founder and head of design
We have decades of experience in graphic visual design, from 2011 to 2015 in charge of the plane in bird's visual work.

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